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Earlier this year I wrote a long read about where I feel data visualisation is in 2021. In this post, I mention two things that I want to dive into more…

  1. Are dashboards outdated because of inherent designer bias, the critical thinking skills of the consumer & dashboard half life?
  2. Is the next wave in our field not data literacy, but instead Just in Time insights & educating the asking of better questions?

These are the concepts I’ll dig into a bit deeper in this blog, and expand on the notion that the future of dashboards is dashboardless.

A dashboard…

This is a fairly long read, and it’s a topic I’ve been thinking about for a few months. The changing workplace & paying more attention to data strategies which work, as well as those that don’t has been a key driver to writing this.

So grab a drink of your choice, and enjoy what you’ve no doubt done for so much of this year — scrolling.

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Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

2020 was the year I started to watch the West Wing properly. I’d dabbled with it when travelling & catching it on US Netflix, but never swerved into it. I really like the phrase…

If you were to ask me my favourite chart type — perhaps we’re in a bar, or we’re travelling somewhere and we need to make some sort of conversation so the silence is neither stale nor awkward — then I would probably say the scatterplot.

Scatterplots do two things which I find fascinating about data analysis. It highlights outliers, which is the aim of the game to find interesting things; and it maps relationships. And these two elements combined mean that scatterplots are super versatile as a chart type.

They also sit alongside the bar chart, line chart and pie…

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